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Best Logistics Companies in Canada

Today’s e-commerce climate is constantly changing and evolving. All kinds of businesses in Canada need the services of logistics companies In order to support the expansion of their businesses. The top logistics companies in Canada have consistently provided competitive prices and extensive operational strength. Small and Medium Businesses and large enterprises are included.
The e-commerce market in Canada has experienced a growth rate of 4% over the past few years. Automated technology has resulted in more secure and efficient logistics solutions. It means more reliable warehousing and transportation operations. Many online ventures in Canada are looking for companies with a wide range of services to manage their supply chains.
Let’s take a closer look at the list of top Logistics and Supply Chain Companies in Canada.

Yusen Logistics

Yusen Logistics is a reliable establishment with modern infrastructure and secure facilities. There are parameters for Yusen Canada. It was Founded in 1988 at brampton, ON, Canada. Contract logistics warehouse management and Customs brokerage are their main services. They cater to healthcare, electronics, and food industries.
There are features.

  • Highly specialized packaging at affordable rates and temperature-controlled facilities is provided by Yusen Logistics.
  • Quality standards are followed along with adequate packaging and custom labeling solutions.
  • Quality checks are done at in-bound and out-bound points throughout the supply chain.

FedEx Logistics

FedEx Canada is a well-known name in Canada and around the world. FedEx Canada has parameters. It was founded in 1981 at Mississauga, Canada . International shipping and industry specific solutions are available. Aerospace, healthcare, business and e-commerce are some of the industries that they catered to. Thee are features.

  • FedEx has a wide range of package solutions.
  • Rescheduling and redirecting are provided for pick-up and delivery services.
  • You can use their real-time tracking system to support your shipments.
  • They offer specialized packaging and expertise to ship dangerous items, meeting international safety standards.
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UPS Logistics

International shipments to 220 plus countries are available from the 62 facilities and 12000 employees of United Parcel Service Canada. There are parameters for the United Parcel Service in Canada. It was Founded in 1975 at Burlington, Ontario.
Services include contract logistics, Shipping and Cross-border services. Industries they cater to are healthcare, high-growth sectors and international markets.

There are features.

  • They have developed a system to manage in-bound and out-bound services for large enterprises.
  • A team of highly trained professionals provide innovative customer-first solutions, partnering with international vendors.
  • There are a lot of challenges involving different time zones and languages.

DHL Logistics

The company has been in operation in Canada for over 30 years. There are six major ground hubs with over 3000 employees in Canada. DHL Canada has parameters. It was founded in 1977 at Mississauga, ON, Canada.
Services include Integrated Logistics, Warehousing and fulfillment, Transportation distribution, Contract logistics, consulting and management. Manufacturing, Chemicals, healthcare, Auto-mobility, Energy, Manufacturing, Engineering, Retail, Consumer and Public sector are some of the industries that are catered to.
There are features.

  • With a recent $100m investment, DHL Canada’s warehouse management has become top-notch with contemporary technology and comprehensive inventory processing.
  • They provide innovative solutions to daily challenges with integrated transport, warehousing, and management services.
  • There are additional services provided by DHL such as packaging, bundling, labeling, and temperature-controlled facilities.
  • End-to-end visibility is supported by their tracking system.
  • They offer international shipping services to more than 220 countries.

XPO Logistics Company

A reliable logistics service provider in Canada that has gathered an expansive network of 756 service locations and 42,000 employees globally is called XPO Logistics Canada. Xpo Logistics Canada has some parameters. It was founded in 2012 Toronto, ON, Canada. Truck brokerage, global forwarding, Intermodal and drayage, last mile and managed transportation are some of the services. There cater to industries like retailers, E-commerce sites and Food and beverage companies.
There are features.

  • One of the largest networks of drivers, trucks, and terminals is in Canada.
  • They provide end-to-end digital visibility for their customers.
  • There is seamless shipper-carrier interaction with full automation capabilities and dynamic rerouting for pick-up and delivery services in Canada.
  • They provide data-driven analytic for optimal pricing and productivity management.

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