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Best Logistics Companies in Chennai [2023]

Do you need a freight solution for your company? You can find the best logistics companies in the district. You will get the most effective shipment for your company’s goods if you engage third-party logistics services. Warehousing services are also provided by transportation logistics companies. They have the experience and infrastructure. In the best-case scenario, the logistics business will provide you with services that fit the shipping system for your goods.

The top logistics companies in the Chennai


Delhivery wants to create a commerce operating system. Over 21000 customers, including major and small e-commerce participants, SMEs, and other leading organizations and brands, rely on us for quick parcel transportation, PTL and TL freight, and cross-border and supply chain services. Their supply chain platform and logistics operations give our customers more flexibility, breadth, efficiency, and creativity. Customers can transact with us and our partners at cheap prices thanks to our operations, infrastructure, and technology.


The offered service is made by considering only quality approved materials given by the authentic vendors of the market. The company name Fastogistic was founded in 2018. The founder is a person named Suraj Marathe. Their headquarters is in the city of Gurugram, in the state of Haryana.
Services: Air Charter, Air Export, Air freight, Airfreight services, Courier Services.

Delhivery was founded in the year 2011. The founder is A man named Sahil Barua.


Alstom develops and markets railway systems, equipment, and services. High-speed trains, metros, and tramways are just some of the systems Alstom handles. Alstom is a leader in railway systems. It made 6.2 billion in revenue and received 10 billion in orders. About 32,000 people are employed by Alstom, which is based in France.
Alstom was founded in The year 1928. The founder is GE.
Services. Trucking


Rivigo is a technology business that is helping to construct India’s material transportation pipeline through a globally unique relay trucking innovation, which is made possible by a strong interplay of technology, data, culture, and operational excellence. Its mission is to make logistics more efficient and cost-effective.

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Rivigo was founded in The year 2014. The founders are Deepak Garg and Gazal Kalra.
Services: Trucking


FedEx hopes that its subsidiaries will continue to give it market share. FedEx Express, the company’s express transportation division, delivers around 3.5 million parcels daily to more than 220 nations and territories from approximately 2,000 FedEx Office locations around the world. More than 50,000 automobiles and trailers are in its fleet. FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight are less-than-truckload carriers that complement the express delivery business. FedEx Office locations offer a wide range of document-related and other business services, as well as serving as retail hubs for other FedEx businesses.

FedEx was founded1971 The founder was Frederick W. Smith. There are express delivery services.


A container logistics company is part of the A.P. Moller Group. They connect and simplify trade to help their customers. A devoted staff of over 80.000 people work in 130 countries for this company, which goes to great lengths to facilitate global trade for a rising world. They connect and simplify their customers’ supply networks.

Maersk was founded in The year 1928. The founder is P. Moller.
Services. Supply chain.


Every day, they organize the movements of commodities, funds, and information in over 200 countries and territories. From its humble beginnings as a bike messenger service in Seattle, Washington, to its current multi-billion dollar worldwide organization, the team has maintained a single focus: enabling global trade. They have grown to become the largest package delivery firm in the world, as well as a prominent global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. Company name The world’s largest shipping company, United Parcel Service, is also known as “UPS.” It was founded in 1907. The founder was James E. Services: logistics and supply chain.

DB Schenker

Land transport, international air and ocean freight, contract logistics, and supply chain management are some of the ways in which the company helps industry and trade. In 2015, over 66,000 people were at 2,000 locations around the world. Company name The name of the person is DB Schenker. It was founded. The year 1872. The founder. The name of the person is Gottfried Schenker. Services: They are express delivery services.

DHL Group.

Their tailored, integrated logistics solutions combine value-added and management services with traditional fulfilment and distribution to increase efficiency, improve quality, and generate a competitive advantage. It was founded in 1969. The founders are Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn.

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There are over 74,000 employees at Kuehne + Nagel. They are linked in their global exchange of ideas and possibilities. With a presence in major industries like automotive, consumer, high-tech, industrial, and pharmaceutical, you can learn something new about the world. You will be a part of designing processes and new solutions that can have a real influence on society as your knowledge and career growth with them. The company name Kuehne+Nagel was founded in the year 1890. The founder. August Khne and Friedrich Nagel. Services: supply chain.

How do you choose the best partner for your online business?

It is time to learn how to choose the best company for your business after looking at the best companies in Abu Dhabi. There are different shapes and sizes of Logistics companies. Only by looking at the services provided by the company can you be sure which one is right for you. There are a few things that any company looking for a logistics partner in Abu Dhabi should look for. Let us find out what they are.

The speed of delivery

Fast deliveries should be ensured by shipping companies. This is important for hiring a company in Abu Dhabi. Customers want their orders delivered quickly. Ensuring that your partner is proactive can help you in the long run.

Payment gateways

Logistics companies have better infrastructure to support several payment methods since they handle so many customers. An e-commerce enterprise can provide many payment options to its customers by tying up with a logistics company in Abu Dhabi.

Shipping Rates.

Because of the volume of orders, they ship every day, logistics solutions providers are usually able to lower their shipping rates. The economy of scale is what this is called. Find out the service rates, hidden charges, extra rates, value-added items, and other charges of your Abu Dhabi-based logistics company before you finalize them.

The Delivery options

Parcel delivery companies have warehouses in several cities. They have a huge network of channels that allow them to push orders and shipments. Hyperlocal delivery, same-day delivery, next-day delivery, etc. are some of the faster delivery options that a logistics service provider can provide.

Fulfilment services offered

Logistics is more than just shipping. Fulfilment service includes managing orders, packaging, keeping track of inventory, and handling product returns. Logistics suppliers in Abu Dhabi double up as fulfilment centres that can do a lot for businesses with low staff or storage space.

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Your sales and visibility will be affected by the number of locations your service provider delivers. If you want to hire a Logistic partner, you need to find out if it fits with your audience base. If your business is based out of Abu Dhabi and mainly caters to the nearby regions of the Middle East, you need to find out if your logistics company can provide delivery services in those regions.

Order Visibility

Perhaps the most important is this. A lot of businesses don’t value order visibility. When an order is shipped, the customer wants to be posted about its location. If you can’t get a transparent order delivery process from your logistics provider in Abu Dhabi, look for someone who can.

Flexibility Offered

A lot of factors outside our control affect the shipping process. There are things like transportation times, traffic, and customer unavailability. An ideal logistics partner is one that can sail over these difficulties and deliver the product in time or arrange the next possible delivery date without causing any difficulty to the customer.

The conclusion

During peak seasons and sales, a logistics company can help manage an influx of orders without compromising on shipping quality. Storage space and inventory management options can be provided by it. This means a lot of time for the company to focus on building its brand and hiring fewer people to manage its shipping operations. We hope this article will help you pick the right company for your business.

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