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Meaning Behind FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending 2024

If you’ve ever followed a FedEx box and saw the status “scheduled delivery pending,” you’re probably wondering what that means and what you should do about it. We’ll cover everything you need to know about FedEx scheduled delivery pending in this post, including why it happens, how long it usually lasts, and what you can do about it.

1. What Does FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending Mean?

The status “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” indicates that FedEx has received your shipment and has scheduled it for delivery. Unfortunately, the delivery may be delayed due to unpredictable circumstances such as weather, customs clearance, or a shipping backlog. In a nutshell, this status indicates that an unanticipated circumstance has delayed your product and pushed back the delivery date.

2. Reasons Your Package Is Scheduled for Delivery Pending

Your package could be in a scheduled delivery awaiting state for a variety of reasons. These are a few examples of the most common:

  • Weather or Natural Disasters: Severe weather or natural catastrophes can sometimes cause package delivery to be delayed.
  • Address Issues: If there is a difficulty with the provided address, such as an incomplete or erroneous address, FedEx may require additional time to remedy the issue before delivering the package.
  • Customs Clearance: If the cargo is being transported internationally, it may be delayed in customs for a number of reasons.
  • High volume during peak shipping seasons, such as the holidays, might cause package delivery delays.

3. How Long Will My FedEx Package Be Pending?

The amount of time your shipment is in the “scheduled delivery pending” status can vary based on the cause of the delay. For example, if there is severe weather in the area, the package may take several days to arrive.

In other circumstances, such as an address problem, the delay could be only a day or two.

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4. What should you do if you encounter this status?

If you observe the “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” status, wait a few days to see if it changes. FedEx will update the status as soon as more information about the delivery date becomes available. The majority of packages are delivered within a day or two of the scheduled delivery date.

If you need the package right away, contact FedEx customer service and request expedited delivery. They may be able to provide you with an estimated delivery date and time, or they may be able to arrange for expedited delivery.

If the delivery is delayed due to customs clearance, ensure that all required documentation is in order and that any additional information asked by customs is provided to expedite the procedure.

5. How to Prevent the “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” Status

You can prevent the “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” status by completing the procedures below:

  • Give complete and correct shipping information, including the name, address, and phone number of the recipient.
  • Check that the shipment has been appropriately wrapped and labeled.
  • When writing or printing out addresses, it is important to use capital letters, space out words and letters, and use the correct address format. 
  • Covering labels with plastic tape can prevent them from falling out or getting damp, which can lead to incorrect delivery or return of the package
  • Select a shipping method that meets your delivery criteria.
  • Verify the arrival dates and timings of your preferred shipping method and plan appropriately.
  • Using the FedEx tracking service, you may monitor the progress of your package.

6. Is FedEx Scheduled Delivery Time Accurate?

FedEx’s scheduled delivery times are usually very accurate, but unforeseen events may cause delays.

FedEx makes a great effort to give accurate arrival times, but many factors can cause delays. Extreme weather, a high number of packages, and customs complications can all have an impact on the scheduled delivery time. Nonetheless, FedEx is usually able to deliver things within a reasonable timeline.

7. Is there anything you can do if it indicates FedEx Scheduled Delivery is Pending?

If your shipment is in the scheduled delivery awaiting condition, you may not have much choice but to wait. You can, however, contact FedEx customer support to see if they have any additional information concerning the delay or if there is anything they can do to help.

8. What Happens if FedEx Doesn’t Deliver On a Scheduled Date?

If FedEx misses the specified delivery date, the parcel will usually be delivered the following business day. If the wait persists, you can contact customer care to check if there have been any updates or if they can provide any information about the delay.

9. How Can I Find Out If FedEx Lost My Package?

If you believe your package has been lost or stolen, file a claim online.

Log in to your FedEx account and access the website’s online claim form. Then, give any relevant details about your lost package, such as the tracking number. Once you’ve completed the claim, submit it and keep an eye on your FedEx account for updates.

You can also attach other documents that support your case, like the serial number of your missing item or a copy of the invoice that you originally got from the seller.

Subscribe to email updates about your claim so it’s easier to keep tabs on it.

10. What Happens If FedEx Misplaces Your Package?

If FedEx misplaces your package, they will launch an investigation to locate it as quickly as possible. This process can take up to 10 business days, during which time you should stay in contact with FedEx customer service for updates. If the package is not found after the investigation, they may offer a refund or credit for the value of the package.

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11. Quick Breakdown of the FedEx Shipping and Tracking Process

Before we dive into the specifics of scheduled delivery pending, let’s take a quick look at the FedEx shipping and tracking process.

  • The package is picked up by FedEx.
  • The package is scanned and enters the FedEx system.
  • The package is transported to a sorting facility.
  • The package is sorted and loaded onto a delivery truck.
  • The package is delivered to the recipient.

12. Important FedEx Tracking Status Updates You’ll Want to Know

There are several important tracking status updates that you should be aware of when using FedEx. 

  • “In Transit” means that the package is on its way to the destination and is still in the process of being delivered.
  • “Out for Delivery” means that the package is on the truck and is scheduled to be delivered that day.
  • “Delivered” means that the package has been successfully delivered to the recipient.
  • “Scheduled Delivery Pending” means that the package has been processed and is in transit, but the delivery date has not been determined yet.

13. How Can I see exactly where my FedEx package is?

To see exactly where your FedEx package is, you can use the tracking number provided to you at the time of shipment to track it online. You can also use the FedEx mobile app to track your package on the go.

14. Why is FedEx taking so long to deliver?

FedEx may be taking longer than planned to deliver your delivery for a variety of reasons. One common reason is that the box is being held for collection at a FedEx site, either because the recipient requested it or because of a delivery issue. Another possibility is that the package is delayed in transit owing to inclement weather or other unforeseen reasons.

15. How Do I Cancel an Ongoing Shipment?

There are a few actions you can take if you need to cancel a pending shipment. You must first log in to your FedEx account and visit the page for shipping history. You can then select the shipment you want to cancel and click the cancel button.

If you’re having trouble canceling the shipment online, you can also call FedEx customer service and they will assist you in canceling the shipment. 

Keep in mind that you may be charged a cancellation fee if the package has already been processed and is in transit.

16. Should You Call FedEx Customer Services?

If you have exhausted all other options and your package is still pending, then you might want to consider calling FedEx customer service for further assistance. You can easily find the phone number for FedEx customer service on their website or on the tracking page for your package.

Pro Tip: When they ask for a tracking number, continue to press 5. They claim not to recognize that tracking number. Continue to press the 5 button. If you do this, you will get a live representative. You are most welcome.

When you contact, be prepared to offer the tracking number for your package as well as any other relevant information. The customer support representative will be able to tell you why your shipment is pending and may be able to offer you an expected delivery date. They may also be able to assist you in tracking down your parcel if it has been misplaced or lost.

But, bear in mind that customer care wait times can be lengthy, especially during peak shipping seasons, and there is no assurance that they will be able to handle your issue right away. It is usually a good idea to exhaust all other possibilities before contacting customer support, but it can be a useful last resort.

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17. Summary: FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending

In summary, the “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” status indicates that FedEx has received your package and scheduled it for delivery, but the delivery has not yet been completed due to some unseen circumstances. 

To avoid this status, give precise and complete shipment information, select a suitable delivery method, and check the progress of your cargo using the FedEx tracking tool.

If your package is pending, the first step is to check the tracking information for any updates or alerts from FedEx. You can also consider using the FedEx Delivery Manager or the mobile app for more control over your package’s delivery.

If your package is still pending and you need more information, you can contact FedEx customer service for assistance. However, it’s important to remember that wait times can be long and there is no guarantee that they will be able to resolve your issue immediately.

Overall, patience is key when dealing with a FedEx scheduled delivery pending status. In most cases, your package will be delivered as soon as possible, and it’s important to stay informed and be proactive in managing your shipment.


Q: How long does it usually take for a package to pass through customs?

A: The time required for a package to clear customs varies greatly depending on the country and the complexity of the inspection. Packages are usually released within a few days.

Q: Is there anything I need to do to clear my package through customs?

A: In most circumstances, nothing unusual is required to clear your delivery through customs. Whenever customs officials ask for further documentation, you must offer it as soon as possible.

Q: What happens if customs refuse my package?

A: If customs find your package to be illegal, it will be returned to the sender or disposed of.

In some cases, you may also be subject to fines or other penalties.

Q: What should I do if my barcode label becomes unreadable?

If you realize that your barcode label is unreadable, call FedEx customer support to investigate and address the problem.

Q: Can I print my own barcode label?

Sure, you can print the barcode label yourself, but use a high-quality printer and paper to ensure readability and clarity.

Q: How can I track my FedEx shipment?

You can track your FedEx shipment by entering your tracking number on the FedEx tracking page.

Q: Is FedEx closed on holidays?

Yes, FedEx is closed on certain holidays. You can find the FedEx holiday schedule on their website.

Q: My package has been stuck at the sorting facility, what should I do?

If your package is stuck at the destination sort facility, you can contact FedEx customer support for assistance.

Q: What does “Future Delivery Requested” mean on my FedEx tracking information?

Future Delivery Requested” means that the recipient has requested the package to be delivered on a future date. You can find more information about this on the FedEx future delivery page.

Q: Where can I find FedEx policies?

You can find FedEx policies on their website.

Q: My package is facing an operational delay, what should I do?

If your package is facing an operational delay, you can find more information on the FedEx operational delay page or contact FedEx customer support for assistance.

Q: Can I track my international FedEx shipments?

Yes, you can track your international FedEx shipments on the FedEx tracking page.

Q: What should I do if my barcode label is unreadable?

If your barcode label is unreadable, you can find more information on the FedEx barcode label page.

Q: My package is waiting to clear customs, what should I do?

If your package is waiting to clear customs, you can find more information on the FedEx package available for clearance page or contact FedEx customer support for assistance.

Q: What does “Scheduled Delivery Pending” mean on my FedEx tracking information?

“Scheduled Delivery Pending” means that the delivery date for your package is pending. You can find more information on the FedEx scheduled delivery pending page.

Q: What does “departed FedEx location” mean in tracking?

When you see the status “departed FedEx location ” in your package’s tracking information, it means that your package has left a FedEx facility and is in transit to its destination. For more information about tracking your package, please visit our departed FedEx location tracking page.

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