UPS » What does “Processing at UPS Facility” Mean? (2023 Ultimate guide)

What does “Processing at UPS Facility Mean?”  Find out Now!

While tracking your package you could often come across the update that your package is “processing at UPS facility” or “your package has arrived at a local ups location and is still being processed for delivery“. What does it mean, what can one make out of it, and how much more time will it take for the package to reach its destination? It is in this article that we address all these questions and answer all your queries, Keep on reading for the same:

1. Meaning of Processing at UPS Facility

As mentioned before, you may be tracking your package and you see an update that your package is processing at the UPS facility.
It means your package has been shipped to the UPS facility, where it was scanned and will be sorted out soon.   It’s getting ready to be sent to you, they have a lot of packages to handle every day so they need to make sure everything is going to the right place. Then it will be loaded onto the truck and sent for delivery at your house.

Delivery process, at warehouse

The processing at the UPS facility signifies that your package has reached a UPS warehouse, and is currently under process for delivery. It will be shipped further only after it has been scanned and its records have been updated.

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This warehouse, where the scan is taking place, could either be nearby the seller or near your destination itself. In case you want to know where the package is being processed then you can spot its address under the update heading i.e. “Processing at UPS facility”. Hereby, it is only after this that you can get an estimated timeline of where your package is and how much more time will it take.

Certainly, if the package is nearby your location, then it will be loaded onto the truck and will be delivered very soon but if it is far then maybe it’ll be loaded onto the feeder truck again and may take some more days.


2. How long will it take for the package to be processed at the facility?

When your package arrives at a UPS facility, it is first scanned to determine its destination. It is then sorted and placed in a holding area until it is ready to be shipped. The processing time can vary depending on the volume of packages at the facility, but it typically takes 24-48 hours.

However, if you are going for the premium delivery, then it may be processed even faster.

The next update after being processed by the UPS facility can be a warehouse scan. This means that your package has been processed and scanned and be very soon out for delivery on its transit journey.
However, one must always keep a check that this update should not take more than 48 hours and if it is struck on the same then, further action would need to be taken.

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3. What if the update status is struck on “Processing at the UPS facility”?

As mentioned before, the tracking status on average must be updated within 48 hours, however, if this is not the case then you would need to take further action.

In case of premium expedited deliveries, you must contact UPS customer care, if you do not receive any update within the given timeline.
On the other hand, in the case of standard deliveries, one needs to wait for a bit more than the given timeline. There might be a delay due to UPS Holidays or bad weather. However, if any inaction or any update is not received within 3 to 5 days then one must contact customer care immediately, for the processing to continue.

4. What happens after the processing at the UPS facility update?

As mentioned before, the next update after the processing at the UPS facility will be a “Warehouse scan”, This signifies that the product has been scanned and will soon be loaded onto the freight truck for delivery.
On the other hand, one other update can also be seen which is either “loaded on the delivery truck” or else another update could also be seen that is “on the way” or “in transit”. Henceforth, one can say that the product has been successfully scanned and is on its way out for delivery.

5. Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, one can summarise that the processing at the UPS facility means that the package has reached one of the UPS warehouse scans. As soon as it will be scanned and will be processed, it will be out for delivery. One can track and get to know how much time will the package take via a line underneath the tracing update.

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As mentioned, standard economy delivery may take about 48 hours to process and get onto the next cycle of its transit. Just in case it takes more than the above given time then, one needs to contact UPS customer care. Also, one may see the next update after “processing at the UPS facility” can either be “warehouse scan” or “in transit”. Overall, this update part of the journey will only take a short while.

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